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Album Image -- Relentless

Sherwin Gardner: Relentless

Relentless [CD] $ 9.99
Track List
play 01 Write It [MP3] $ 0.99
play 02 Forgive Me [MP3] $ 0.99
play 03 Fire Blazing [MP3] $ 0.99
play 04 Know Your Worth [MP3] $ 0.99
play 05 Hands Up [MP3] $ 0.99
play 06 Move On [MP3] $ 0.99
play 07 I Ain't Staying Down [MP3] $ 0.99
play 08 Taking Control [MP3] $ 0.99
play 09 Stamp On That [MP3] $ 0.99
play 10 You Remix [MP3] $ 0.99
play 11 It's On Tonight [MP3] $ 0.99
play 12 My House [MP3] $ 0.99
play 13 Show Yourself Real [MP3] $ 0.99
play 14 More Of You [MP3] $ 0.99
play 15 Up In The Sky [MP3] $ 0.99
play 16 We Now Start [MP3] $ 0.99
play 17 Stronger Than You [MP3] $ 0.99
play 18 I Worship [MP3] $ 0.99
play 19 Be My Full Stop [MP3] $ 0.99

On the heels of his Borderless release, Sherwin Gardner hits us hard once again with the release of Relentless. This album is a throwback to the Reggae/Dancehall/Hip-hop sound that established Sherwin as a top artist in the genre. Building on the foundation that he began years ago with Leaning, Sherwin refuses to rest on those laurels, taking it to another level, further showcasing his versatility and unyielding voice for the Kingdom.

Though just in his early thirties, Sherwin is a veteran in the music industry. According to GospelReggae.com, he is the 2nd best-selling Gospel Reggae artist in the history of the genre. Sherwin became an international name with the release of his CD Leaning (Lion of Zion). In 2004 his Closer album yielded the single "He Died for Me" (Hamalhamadla) that spent a staggering 21 weeks at the #1 spot on Caribbean radio. Those albums were followed by Who I Am, Elevation and Borderless.

Relentless is a continuation of Gardner's Borderless mission, though the sound is distinctly more reggae than many of his previous releases. He believes that this album will bring restoration and confidence to people who are losing their focus. His fusion of Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Gospel and R&B will make you dance, sing and cry. His profound lyrics will also remind listeners that God will always honor His word.

"This is for the people who might feel like giving up on Jesus," says Sherwin. "This album shows that God will never give up on you; His love for you is Relentless. All you have to do is believe and surrender your life to Christ and become part of his Kingdom. Once you do that, you too will become relentless."

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Track List

  1. Write It
  2. Forgive Me (feat. Avion Blackman)
  3. Fire Blazing (feat. Gauge)
  4. Know Your Worth
  5. Hands Up
  6. Move On
  7. I Aint Staying Down (feat. Monty G)
  8. Taking Control
  9. Stamp On That
  10. You Remix
  11. Its On Tonight (feat. Keron Ramsey)
  12. My House
  13. Show Yourself Real
  14. More Of You (feat. Jermaine Edwards)
  15. Up In The Sky
  16. We Now Start (feat. J Prince)
  17. Stronger Than You (feat. Chris B)
  18. I Worship
  19. Be My Full Stop (feat. Sherieta)

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