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Album Image -- Daughter Of The King

Jennifer Howland: Daughter Of The King

Daughter Of The King [CD] $ 9.99
Track List
play 01 Righteous Revolution [MP3] $ 0.99
play 02 Baby Baby [MP3] $ 0.99
play 03 Chapter and Verse [MP3] $ 0.99
play 04 Make It Right [MP3] $ 0.99
play 05 Rise Again [MP3] $ 0.99
play 06 Seasons [MP3] $ 0.99
play 07 One Love [MP3] $ 0.99
play 08 No Other Man [MP3] $ 0.99
play 09 Rock in It Loud In The City [MP3] $ 0.99
play 10 Thank You [MP3] $ 0.99
play 11 I Will Go [MP3] $ 0.99
play 12 Redeeming Son [MP3] $ 0.99
play 13 Identify (FeatChristafari) [MP3] $ 0.99
play 14 Now I Believe Rahabs Song [MP3] $ 0.99
play 15 Get Up [MP3] $ 0.99

What do Jennifer Howland, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Amy Grant have in common? They all started off as background vocalists. For the last 3 and a half years Jennifer Howland has been honing her skills as an integral part of the band Christafari, performing over 300 shows in 34 countries. As a lead vocalist shes been featured on Christafari's "Reggae Redemption Songs II" and "No Compromise" albums including a solo in the bands hit video "Try Jah Love". After years of experience and positive audience responses to her songs, Christafari is now backing Jennifer on her stunning solo debut.

While Jen has been described as "Beyonce meets Bob Marley, her sound is far more versatile than this. Her Daughter of the King album is a multi-faceted recording that adds elements of dancehall, hip-hop, R&B, Gospel, acoustic and Samba to its roots reggae foundation. Over percolating rhythms and bouncy beats, the spunky Howland is genuinely captivating. Whether she softly sings, raps (in Jamaican Patois) or passionately wails, Jen is both sweetness and power in one beautiful package.

"She's a powerhouse, says Producer and Christafari founder Mark Mohr, "I think that this album is best described as 'reggae got soul' and its sure to win souls for the Kingdom". One thing that separates this project from others is Jens candid testimony that peppers the songs. "On No Other Man" she raps; "I used to pop pills and then Id smoke weed but out of ashes He made beauty. He gave me some love and some self esteem, and now I am a daughter of the King.

Ministry Statement:

"On this album I take the listener on a journey through the eyes of a misdirected young girl and follow her transformation into a Daughter of the King. This project is my opportunity to give an honest testimony about my experiences as an unbeliever and share the changes that have taken place in my life since I came to the Lord. My goal is to encourage others to recognize who they really are in Jesus Christ."--Jennifer Howland

Track List

  1. Righteous Revolution (Feat. Monty G and Solomon Jabby)
  2. Baby Baby
  3. Chapter and Verse (Feat. Sherwin Gardner and Lynette White)
  4. Make It Right
  5. Rise Again (Feat. Avion Blackman)
  6. Seasons
  7. One Love (Feat. Benjah & Dillavou)
  8. No Other Man
  9. Rockin It - Loud In The City (Feat. Geneman)
  10. Thank You (Feat. Tiago Costa)
  11. I Will Go
  12. Redeeming Son
  13. Identify (Feat. Christafari)
  14. Now I Believe - Rahabs Song
  15. Get Up

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