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Album Image -- To The Ceiling

Isaac Blackman: To The Ceiling

To The Ceiling [CD] $ 12.97
Track List
play 01 Father Of Soca [MP3] $ 0.99
play 02 Spark It [MP3] $ 0.99
play 03 To The Ceiling [MP3] $ 0.99
play 04 Oh My God (Ft. Maximus Dan) [MP3] $ 0.99
play 05 You Are My [MP3] $ 0.99
play 06 Best Friend [MP3] $ 0.99
play 07 Differentiate [MP3] $ 0.99
play 08 Woah Onto Man(Ft. Gitta Dan) [MP3] $ 0.99
play 09 Good God(Ft. Rem Bunction) [MP3] $ 0.99
play 10 Hold On [MP3] $ 0.99
play 11 Meditation [MP3] $ 0.99
play 12 Love Is A Wonderful Feeling [MP3] $ 0.99
play 13 Old School Love [MP3] $ 0.99
play 14 HiD [MP3] $ 0.99
play 15 I Miss U [MP3] $ 0.99
play 17 Always Remember [MP3] $ 0.99
play 18 Dictionary [MP3] $ 0.99
play 19 Shine Like A Star (Ft. Chantuelle) [MP3] $ 0.99
play 20 Bonus [MP3] $ 0.99
play To The Ceiling (Complete Album) [MP3] $ 12.97

Unless you\'re brand new to Gospel Reggae music, you\'ve undoubtedly heard the signature Jamoo sounds pioneered by The Blackman family and, more specifically, the unique voice and productions of Isaac Blackman. Not only has Isaac Blackman\'s first solo album, "In Your Eyes," become a GospelReggae.com best seller, but he\'s lent his talents to releases such as Christafari\'s "Gravity," "Raggamuffin Hip Hop 2," The Love Circle\'s "Jamoo Victory," and "Home Grown," and Sherwin Gardner\'s "Who I Am."

On "To The Ceiling," Isaac continues pushing musical boundaries by mixing reggae, hip-hop, soca, calypso, and jamoo into his own unique concoction. Utilizing smooth acoustic guitars, rhythmic bass lines and syncopated drums, he engineers the perfect sound to complement his energetic tenor deliveries and thick vocal harmonies. "To The Ceiling," is packed with 20 tracks that speak straight to the heart, using expert song writing and production to minister the gospel in authentic and accessible ways. Without a doubt Isaac Blackman\'s new CD is helping to push Caribbean Gospel music to higher heights than ever before. Make sure to pick up "To The Ceiling," and get your hands on what will prove to be one of the best GospelReggae.com CDs of the year!

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Track List

  1. Father Of Soca
  2. Spark It
  3. To The Ceiling
  4. Oh My God feat. Maximus Dan
  5. You Are My...
  6. Best Friend
  7. Differentiate
  8. Woah Onto Man feat. Gitta Dan
  9. Good God feat. Rem Bunction
  10. Hold On
  11. Meditation
  12. Love Is A Wonderful Feeling
  13. Old School Love
  14. Hi D
  15. I Miss U
  16. Sweet Place
  17. Always Remember
  18. Dictionary
  19. Shine Like A Star feat. Chantuelle
  20. Bonus Track

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