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Album Image -- Totally Linked

DJ Counsellor: Totally Linked

Totally Linked [CD] $ 13.97
Track List
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When God was perfectly knitting each child in their mother's womb, I wonder if he spent some extra time perfectly stitching the tremendous talents that have been born out of the Bahamas in recent years. While the secular market may only be able to boast of the Baha Men, Christian talent is overflowing these Caribbean shores courtesy of the ministries of Dr. Myles Monroe, Monty and Cash's Lion of Judah Label and Creative Soul.

So without further ado, I introduce to you DJ Counsellor's "Totally Linked", another freshman solo effort from the land of the golden touch. On this fresh release, Counsellor brings with him some Colleagues from the Bahamas, famed Monty G, Esteemed producer Ronnie Cash, and Doctor Myles Monroe. Counsellor also "Totally linked" up with Landlord, Rhyme Minister, Bonafyde and Ta Da for this effort.

This ambitious project launches off with "I Feel His Love," a clever combination of a rookie (Counsellor), a veteran (one of Jamaica's brightest gospel stars the "Radical" Prodigal Son) and a sweet singer (Landlord). I feel this song, where DJ Counsellor and his cohorts ride a rhythm reminiscent of the old pepper-seed dancehall invasion of the 90's.

It's official, now everyone has ridden the next rhythm, but Counsellor does it in his own unique style. On track two, this DJ joins forces with Bonafyde, a female DJ whose deejaying is much stronger than her singing, yet her unique voicing on the chorus quickly grabs you.

Despite a few moments of fair production and distorted vocals throughout, the highlights of this short album far outweigh the weaknesses. A great example of this is "Warn Dem", an assertive dancehall tune in the vein of hardcore hooks by TOK and the Scare Dem Crew. And let me "Warn" you, this may turn out to be your favorite track--it sure is mine!

Next up is "Fire Fe Blaze", another song that regrettably abuses the "more fire" trend kicked off in the 90s by the original "Fire Man" Capleton. Yes it is true that if you go your whole life without repenting and making Christ your Lord, you will burn in hell. But why do so many DJs insist on repeatedly singing songs about fire blazing for those who "Dis the Ancient of Days?" This is a phrase that Sherwin already beat to a pulp, why resurrect it? But as he clarifies in his intro, Counsellor does not mean disrespect with his lyrics--just love. He is simply rebuking in love and begging them (gays and lesbians) to seek repentance. However, I do have one piece of counsel for the Counsellor, fire doesn't just burn in hell for gays and lesbians. What about the thieves and liars, sorcerers, adulterers, etc...? You won't catch any flies with this vinegar.

Half way through the album is a twenty-second interlude by
Dr. Monroe that makes me beg to hear its context, as I am not a big fan of the apparent prosperity doctrine that it promotes. But rather than major in the minors, let's hear the next tune. Next up is "Rich or Poor", a song that is saved by Monty G's patent flow. It is clear by now that given his experience in putting together compilations; clever collaborations are Counsellor's greatest strength.

What follows is the bubbly roots styled "Is it Love", with a catchy hook and sweet background vocals. After this, Counsellor brings back the "Warn Dem" riddim and challenges other artists to "Teach them the Truth". Lastly is an awkward take on the classic "Lost Without You", replete with a conscious deejay flow from Counsellor. The album is concluded with a prayer of blessings to all those who buy the CD.

Overall, there is a reason why every Bahamian album that we have released in this webstore is destined to become a best seller: Bahamians have their fingers on the pulse of contemporary dancehall and they are not letting go. Counsellor is no different, as he delivers to you slammin' authentic dancehall rhythms and a relevant album for this day and age. A must-have to complete the collection of any dancehall aficionado. Pick up your copy today.

Review by Nosmo King

Track List

  1. I Feel His Love
  2. Hail Him Up
  3. Warn Dem
  4. Fire Fe Blaze
  5. Interlude
  6. Rich Or Poor
  7. Is It Love
  8. Truth
  9. Desperate For You
  10. Prayer

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