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Album Image -- Reggae Sunday School

Christafari: Reggae Sunday School

Reggae Sunday School [CD] $ 9.99
Track List
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It's been 16 years since the inception of Christafari and much of the band's initial teenage fanbase now have kids of their own. Combining their love for reggae and their heart for kids, Christafari delivers "Reggae Sunday School", their most original  concept album to date. Producer/vocalist Mark Mohr has assembled the world's finest gospel reggae musicians and vocalists to bring you a unique children's album that is unlike any other on the market. Featuring a massive ensemble of guest appearances from Red Cloud, Richie Righteous, 'Imisi, Avion Blackman, Jaibo Culture, Monty G, Ace Winn, and Solomon Jabby; Reggae Sunday School is sure to satisfy even the most critical of ears.

Inspired by the best-selling mainstream series Reggae for Kids, the album dons many American and Caribbean Sunday school classics plus a few new Christafari originals. Reggae Sunday School reaches past the genre of reggae and grabs handfuls of Calypso, Soca, Mento, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Dub, Dancehall, Jungle and Nyabinghi. Christafari uses steel pan, live horns, and enough percussion to get both young and old moving to the up-tempo beats.

Through its interludes, it takes you on a joyous journey to the mythical islands of "Yeahman" and "Noman". It is here where listening hearts and ears will be taught brief lessons by the animated voices of Nigel the Iguana, Calypso the singing Coconut, Manu the know-it-all overripe Mango, Seymour the Seagull, and Patchouli the Jellyfish!

Reggae Sunday School answers the cries of parents in search of quality children's music. Do not be fooled by what the title suggests, this project is also for the adult who is a kid at heart!

Reviewed by: GospelReggae.com


Review by Joe Montague for The Phantom Tollbooth:


While Reggae music may not be everyone's cup of tea, it has always been one of my favorite genres so it was pretty easy for me to get into Christafari's "Reggae Sunday School". Coming to you from Lion of Zion Entertainment producer and label owner Mark Mohr and company, this is a light hearted approach to old standards such as "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and "What a Friend We Have in Jesus."

The dramatic segues bring the characters to life and I can foresee little children bouncing around the classroom pretending to be their favorite character -- okay teachers you didn't read that, I didn't really mean bouncing in the classroom! With characters such as Nigel the Iguana, Calypso the Coconut, Manu the Mango, Seymour the Seagull, and Patchouli the Jellyfish, I predict Christafari's "Reggae Sunday School" will revolutionize the Sunday School classroom much the same way as Veggie Tales and Antshillvania did.

I do not however want to leave you with the impression this is just a fun tool for Sunday School teachers because the album offers much more. Just as notable cinematographers will hire well known Hollywood personalities to take on the voices of characters in animated films Mohr has assembled a cast of very skilled reggae performers. Urban Gospel fans will recognize the name Solomon Jabby (co-producer) a three time nominee for the 2005 Urban Gospel Industry Awards. Also appearing on the CD is Christafari's lead vocalist Avion Blackman (co-producer) who recently debuted a solo recording of her own. Blackman's ethereal voice continues to impress. Ritchie Righteous, Red Cloud, Monty G and David and Jubilee Fohe (from 'Imisi) are some of the other better known artists who lend their voices to this adventure set in the mythical islands of Yeahman and Noman.

Mohr once again demonstrates his love for brass and percussion sections. Throughout the 23 tracks saxophones, trombones, trumpets and horns compliment steelpan and drum kit. Speaking of steelpan, only the most staid teacher will insist her children remain seated when track 17 Jonah starts to play.

Mark Mohr's signature is all over this album. On his productions Mohr strives to have the instruments played by hand and to develop interesting combinations to create excellent world music.


If you are still feeling apprehensive about exposing your children to songs such as "Dreadlocked Samson" then I encourage you to visit www.reggaesundayschool.com to listen to the numerous audio clips from Christafari's "Reggae Sunday School".  Review by Joe Montague for The Phantom Tollbooth

Track List

  1. The Reggae ABC's (feat. Red Cloud & Richie Righteous)
  2. Higher Higher (feat. 'Imisi & Avion Blackman)
  3. Meet The Teachers (Interlude)
  4. Reggae Sunday School
  5. First John 4:7 & 8 (Interlude)
  6. Beloved (feat. Jaibo Culture & Avion Blackman)
  7. Dreadlocked Samson
  8. Name That Animal (Interlude)
  9. Name The Animals
  10. Crisis Of Identification (Interlude)
  11. New Movement
  12. Not As Sweet (Interlude)
  13. My Lord Is Sweet
  14. Zaccheus (feat. Monty G & Ace Winn)
  15. Meet Patchouli (Interlude)
  16. Jesus Loves The Little Children (feat. 'Imisi)
  17. Jonah (feat. 'Imisi)
  18. Run To God (Interlude)
  19. Come Into My Heart (feat. Jason Joseph)
  20. Give Thanks (Interlude)
  21. Be Glorified (feat. Avion Blackman, Solomon Jabby, & Rebecca Evans)
  22. What A Friend We Have In Jesus (feat. 'Imisi, Solomon Jabby, & Ace Winn)
  23. Good Bye! (Interlude)

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