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Album Image -- Reggae de Redencion

Christafari: Reggae de Redencion

Reggae de Redencion [CD] $ 9.99
Track List
play 01 No Te Rindas [MP3] $ 0.99
play 02 A Puro Grito [MP3] $ 0.99
play 03 El Paso De La Libertad [MP3] $ 0.99
play 04 Prueba Su Amor [MP3] $ 0.99
play 05 Yeshua [MP3] $ 0.99
play 06 La Entrada De Triunfo [MP3] $ 0.99
play 07 El Sonido Del Campeon [MP3] $ 0.99
play 08 Brilla Sobre Mi [MP3] $ 0.99
play 09 Reggae De Redencion [MP3] $ 0.99
play 10 Cualquiera [MP3] $ 0.99
play 11 Manos Arriba [MP3] $ 0.99
play 12 El Prodigo [MP3] $ 0.99
play 13 Mesias [MP3] $ 0.99
play 14 Yeshua [MP3] $ 0.99
play Reggae de Redencion (Complete Album) [MP3] $ 9.99

While they have been described as "Bob Marley and Steel Pulse meets Sean Paul and Buju Banton," Christafari has truly carved out their own signature sound over the last 21 years. "Reggae De Redencion" is the band's 12th studio release and their first Spanish offering in almost a decade. This collection of hits taken primarily from their award winning "To The Foundation" and "No Compromise" albums includes guest appearances from Rescate (Argentina), El Soldado (Costa Rica), Ziudad Real (Colombia), 'Imisi (Tonga), Roge Abergel (West Africa) and S.O.G (California). Other noteworthy contributions come from Christafari members Solomon Jabby, Jennifer Howland and Avion Blackman. Avion (who plays bass and is married to Mohr) is featured on four tracks including "Yeshua."

In 1997 Christafari broke new ground recording "No Puedo Dejar," the very first gospel reggae song ever recorded in Spanish (Valley of Decision). This track was an instant hit, resounding throughout all of Latin America. In 2001 Christafari followed up this success with "Palabra Sonido Y Poder," their first full length CD for the Latin market. This Spanish and Spanglish (a mixture of Spanish and English) CD is still one of the band's all-time best sellers. It spawned the mega hit "El Amor De Mi Vida" that topped the charts for an unprecedented 40 weeks in 11 Latin American countries!

Nine years later Christafari releases their first-ever entirely Spanish album. Unlike "Palabra Sonido y Poder," that featured a few Spanish songs and primarily Spanish choruses, "Reggae De Redencion" (Redemption Reggae) is 100% Spanish through and through! Coming off the heels of two massive albums, major World tours and the success of their hit music video "Try Jah Love," Christafari decided to take their biggest hits from their top recordings over the last 3 years and transform them entirely into Spanish.

The impetus for this project came in late 2009 while the band was touring Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Christafari front-man and founder Mark Mohr decided to transform 7 songs from the group's 20th Anniversary release "No Compromise," 5 songs from their top selling "To the Foundation" and add in Avion Blackman's "Yeshua" for good measure. The end result is an incredible collection of hits that range from roots to dancehall while touching on elements of lovers rock, niyabinghi, rock, hip hop and ska.

Themes of this album vary from passionate worship (Yeshua, Mesias and Brilla Sobre Mi) to powerful evangelism (A Puro Grito, Cualquiera and Prueba Su Amor). On "El Paso De La Libertad," Mohr sings of how the Lord set him free from drug addiction and "El Prodigo" alludes to his journey from living on the streets as a runaway youth to returning home.

Overall, this incredible package includes 14 Christafari hits sang entirely in Spanish, full-color artwork, all lyrics and album credits and a full gospel presentation by Mark Mohr (in Spanish) all at one unbeatable price. Don't just buy one copy, buy a handful and give them away to your friends!

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Track List

  1. No Te Rindas (Con Ulises de Rescate)
  2. A Puro Grito (Con El Soldado)
  3. El Paso De La Libertad (Con Avion Blackman)
  4. Prueba Su Amor ((Con Avion Blackman y Jennifer Howland)
  5. Yeshua (Con Avion Blackman y David Fohe de Imisi)
  6. La Entrada De Triunfo (Con S.O.G y Cesar Sierra de Zuidad Real)
  7. El Sonido Del Campeon (Con Solomon Jabby)
  8. Brilla Sobre Mi (Con Avion Blackman)
  9. Reggae de Redencion
  10. Cualquiera (Con Roge Abergel and Kingdom Culture)
  11. Manos Arriba
  12. El Prodigo
  13. Mesias (Con David Fohe de Imisi)
  14. Yeshua (Con Avion Blackman) (Version Acustica en Espanol)

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