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Album Image -- I Festival Novos Talentos

Bola de Neve Church: I Festival Novos Talentos

$ 9.97

What/who is Bola De Neve?

In July of 2005, Christafari toured the beautiful country of Brazil and visited a church unlike any other that they had ever seen before. The church is called "Bola De Neve," which is Portuguese for "Snowball". For those who haven't heard, there is a massive revival going on right now in Brazil and Bola De Neve is right in the center of it. It is popularly known as the "Surf" church by everyone in Brazil, as the pastor uses a surfboard as the top of his pulpit and many in the youthful congregation are into extreme sports. You won't see depictions of saints in colorful stained glass inside this building. In their place you will find images of barreling waves. The dress code is extremely casual and the music is unbelievable. Bola De Neve's headquarters is in Sao Paulo, where each of their 6 weekly services is packed with almost 3,000 youths hungry for a relevant message from the Word of God. This organization is growing in leaps and bounds as they have now planted 12 other churches throughout Brazil.

What is this CD about?

"Festival Novos Talentos" (New Talent Festival) is a CD of a recorded event hosted by Bola de Neve Church to showcase the local musical talent. Brazil is by far one of the most musically rich cultures in the world. It seems everyone you meet plays some sort of instrument or has some type of amazing musical talent. This CD vividly demonstrates the quality of music and skill that seems to naturally emanate from the people. Brazil is a sonic melting pot of musical styles and genres and this CD is no different. It features reggae, hip hop, rock, and of course a little samba. Buy a copy today and support this extremely fruitful ministry that is reaching thousands in Brazil and bless your ears with some amazing amateur talent!

Review by: Solomon Jabby

Track List

  1. Reggae A Viagem (Onix)
  2. Banco Dos Reus (Curto Circuito)
  3. Refugio (Celula Butanta)
  4. Testemunho Vivo (Miss Guimel)
  5. Viver A Vida (Via Inversa)
  6. Eu Creio (Yasha Freestyle)
  7. Contente Estou (Una Folha)
  8. Horizonte (Planeta Roots)
  9. A Onda (Ha Dra Ha)
  10. Amigo Sombra (Curva)
  11. O Mestre (Sampa Cristo)
  12. Jardim Do Eden (Jah Guide)
  13. Prepare-Se (Pactos)
  14. Ele Voltara (Lord Ship)
  15. Nunca Vai Entregar (Santa Folia)
  16. Decidi Seguir Jesus (Celula Saude)

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