Why we do what we do

Our goal is "Reaching the World through World Music." In this global community we live in, God is using people from many nations to spread His message of hope and Salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ. He's also using many different styles and genres of music and language to accomplish this purpose. We search for and distribute to the world, the best quality Christian music from around the world. Our specialties are reggae and various other Caribbean styles, Latin & African styles and languages, as well as U.S. flavors such as Jazz & Hip Hop.

Many, if not most, of the Christian or Gospel reggae and world music artists are independents and individuals whose music cannot be found in stores. We want to provide a platform for Gospel artists from all parts of the Earth, to reach a broader audience with the message of Jesus Christ. Many of these independent artists don't have the means or the finances to distribute their music abroad. To solve this problem, we've assembled the world's largest collection of Gospel reggae & world music in our GospelReggae.com Webstore, creating a reliable source of this music for all the many fans and listeners out there. The store will continue to grow and expand in its breadth of styles and genres.

We are quickly becoming a one-stop for Caribbean and other international retailers. For more details, see "How can I buy your CD's wholesale for my store?" in the FAQ section of this site.

From President Mark Mohr

I believe God wants us to have a global perspective regarding Christianity. "Reaching the World through World Music" means broadening the traditionally narrow scope of Christian music to fit all races and music from every nation. In this industry, music has typically been recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and sent off to the rest of the world telling them this is what Christian music sounds like. When are we going to let these countries record their indigenous music and send it to us further broadening our perspective of what God is doing in the rest of the world? That question has become our goal. It's one of the many reasons why I play, perform and produce Christian reggae with the band Christafari. I hope that our message can edify the Christians and evangelize the world over the infectious reggae rhythms of Jamaica and the indigenous music of other countries.

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