Christafari and Friends - Gospel Reggae Praise album cover graphic

Artist: Christafari and Friends
Album: Gospel Reggae Praise
Genre: Roots / Nyabinghi / Reggae, Lovers rock
Label: Lion of Zion Entertainment
Year Released: 2011
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Track List

1. Joy Of The Lord Reggae Version ft Avion Blackman
MP3 192bit

2. Messiah ft Christafari
MP3 192bit

3. Ends Of The Earth ft Jennifer Howland
MP3 192bit

4. Only Jah Jah ft Christafari
MP3 192bit

5. Yeshua ft Avion Blackman
MP3 192bit

6. Hiding Place ft Christafari
MP3 192bit

7. Always and Forevermore ft Imisi
MP3 192bit

8. Im Yours ft Avion Blackman
MP3 192bit

9. Jehovah ft Geneman
MP3 192bit

10. Move In You ft Avion Blackman and Jennifer Howland
MP3 192bit

11. Rivers Of Babylon ft Imisi
MP3 192bit

12. I Thank You ft Avion Blackman
MP3 192bit

13. Thank You ft Jennifer Howland and Tiago Costa
MP3 192bit

14. Be True ft Christafari Imisi and Avion Blackman
MP3 192bit

15. True ft Geneman
MP3 192bit

16. The Blood ft Roge Abergel and Kingdom Culture
MP3 192bit

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The biggest original worship songs from the top artists in the gospel reggae genre are now on one hit album! You've never heard praise like this! Includes new tracks from Christafari and Avion Blackman.  

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Finally!!! This is what I've been waiting for!

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