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Isn't marijuana called the wisdom weed? What do you think of all of the reggae singers that claim that marijuana was found on the grave of King Solomon? Is this true?


The most often quoted saying about Ganja in Reggae Music is that "it was found growing on King Solomonís Grave." Since King Solomon was considered the wisest man to roam the earth, Rastas consider Marijuana to be the "Wisdom Weed". This argument is absurd. First of all, where is King Solomonís grave? The Bible mentions his death in both I Kings 11:42, 43b and II Chronicles 9:30, 31b stating that "Solomon reigned in Jerusalem over all Israel forty years. Then he rested with his fathers and was buried in the city of David his father." Besides mentioning that he was buried in the "City of David", the Bible never mentions the exact location of Solomon's final resting place. When someone tells me that Marijuana was found growing on his grave I always ask "Where is his grave?" I doubt that any Rasta knows the exact where-about of his grave much less has ever visited it. I have never seen a picture of Marijuana growing at his grave site. And even if it grew their at one time; SO WHAT? If dandelions grew on his grave would you smoke them also?

Solomon was a wise man, but he also made many mistakes, breaking virtually every one of the laws that God set out for the Kings of Israel to obey. Sure he was granted the gift of divine wisdom by God and wrote many proverbs, poetry and songs, but he also gave us a great example of what not to do as a servant of the Most High. To pattern your life after the actions of King Solomon would surely lead to destruction.

Besides, where in the Bible does it say that we should smoke anything, much less that which grows on an in individuals grave? This claim is just another ridiculous attempt to justify oneís sin. True wisdom is found at the EMPTY grave of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In the case of this grave, it is not what IS there that counts, but rather WHO is missing; Jesus. He rose from the grave and is the author of all wisdom.

Marijuana is not a Wisdom Weed. On the contrary, it lessens your intelligence. It is a know fact that the use of this weed actually kills your brain cells. I have seen many friends that through the habitual use of Ganja have become stupider and stupider. Often times this damage is irreparable. In fact some of my former friends that smoked marijuana daily have become permanently stoned. The stupid stoner stereotype of "Spiccoli" in the movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and found in countless movies following is true to life in many high schools today. I have seen individuals like this go so far into the deep-end that they can never return to normalcy.

Seek wisdom in Christ and His Word and not in a plant that He created.

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