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Unmerited Favor

""I always thank God for you because of His grace given you in Christ Jesus."" I Corinthians 1:4

There are two opposing views that Christians often hold of God. The most common view is that of an overbearing boss who studies your every move and only pays you at the end of your shift according to your good works. This works-driven walk is powered by fear and guilt. Honestly speaking, my flesh constantly attempts to view God like this. But my misconceptions do not coincide with His doctrine of grace.

“What is grace", you may ask? It is more that just a prayer that you say before dinner. Grace is a gift given to you that you will never deserve. Grace is unmerited favor. Grace plays a major part in your Salvation. According to the Word of God, it is by faith alone; through grace alone; in Christ alone that you have been saved.

You can try and pile on whatever you want on top of this grace. Your good works will still be nasty rags in comparison to this undeserved gift. Try and add whatever icing you desire to the Lord’s cake, but you will find one common theme in the New Testament; Grace plus NOTHING equals salvation.

So don’t view God as an unreasonable boss only giving you minimum wage for your few good works. Realize that upon conversion, you were blessed with an eternal inheritance that will never wither, fade, rust or mold. This isn’t a license to be lazy, but a reason to be rejoicing. Your life and good works should not be driven by fear, but fueled by your overwhelming gratitude towards the giver. You should be motivated to serve the Lord out of Love and thanksgiving--not guilt. Don’t work for what you will get someday, rather give your life to Him daily as a positive response for what you have already been given--unmerited favor.

Lord Jesus, I thank You for giving me a gift that I will never deserve. Please help me to live a life that overflows in thanksgiving towards You. Since you have given me the great inheritance of eternal life, I will forever be your bondservant. Please chip away at my flesh daily and help me to view You as Your Word truly describes. Forgive me for my past misconceptions. Please let my life be a testimony of your amazing grace. In Jesus name--Amen.

Mark Mohr

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