Jason Todah Oneil - Redemption album cover graphic

Artist: Jason Todah Oneil
Album: Redemption
Genre: Roots / Dancehall / Ragga Hip Hop / Culture / Ragga Soca
Label: GospelReggae.Com
Year Released: 2009
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Track List

1. Christian Anthem
MP3 192bit

2. Shout for Joy feat. Isaac Blackman
MP3 192bit

3. What is This
MP3 192bit

4. Seems Like/Gods Commands feat. Curtis Levi Charles
MP3 192bit

5. Your Word/ Like ah Lamp
MP3 192bit

6. My Soul feat. Kevin Braithwaite
MP3 192bit

7. Remember the Creator
MP3 192bit

8. Trust in the Lord
MP3 192bit

9. Talk the Talk
MP3 192bit

10. Heart Desire feat. Peter Pitt
MP3 192bit

11. Christian Anthem Remix
MP3 192bit

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The former lead vocalist of Trinidad's "Melchizedek Order" gives us a stunning solo-debut. Please post your own review below...

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Did not realize that i had to rate the albumI give it a 5 Jason thanks for the music Blessings from your #1 fan Hyacinth G
I am encouraged!
I decided to look through the new releases today and stumbled on this redemption album. I listened to every single song and one thing struck out at me...Todah has his own voice. I have not heard anyone like him, he has an original style and I can understand what he says. Anyone can appreciate this music. Cudos to Gospel reggae for featuring this artist. This music touched my heart esp tracks 1,2,5,6,9. I love it all man...
Finally...It is Here
Man this album has been anticipated for soooooo long...Todah delivers what he is known for...strong word filled music to uplift and encourage the believer alongside wicked rhythms...Just bought Christian Anthem Love It!!!! As a bonafide fan of 'Todah', I must say..Bless Up!!!!!!
No Subject
Finally the album that we all have been waiting for is here. Thanks for the music Jason GREAT ALBUM, thanks for the blessings. This is the best album that I have heard in a very long time. Blessings from your #1 fan Hy

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